"Bath can not" cool bath festival: Tmall & the United States strong teamed up to interpret "Le bath

On August 2nd, 2017, Tmall X's water heater “Bath Stop Cannot” Shuang Bath Festival was held at Hangzhou Yiyuan Theater. The leaders of the US water heater, the executives of Tmall Mall home appliances, and the heads of Jiumu kitchen and toilets are heavyweights. Have attended. In addition, this special "Bathing Cannot" Shuang Bath Festival has also attracted many print media, online media and TV media to witness this grand and interesting performance conference.

Join forces to break the pain of bathing

The hot water waiting time is long, the water temperature is hot and cold, and it has always been the pain point of the user in the use of the gas water heater. This situation greatly reduces the user's bathing experience. On the cool bath festival with the theme of “Net enjoyment and bathing”, Midea Water Heater provides consumers with a new solution, the star bath artifact – T5 gas water heater. As a new flagship product launched by Midea, its main goal is to realize the instant wash and long-term constant temperature of the water heater, so that users can get an intelligent and pure bathing experience like never before.

This refreshing bath festival also invited the home appliance data analysis agency Dajia, the general manager of Zhongyikang Jia Dongsheng, Jia Dongsheng personally released the "China Quality Bathing Trend Report", the core of the report stressed that the Chinese home appliance market attaches importance to improving the bathing experience. Water heater products are becoming more and more popular with consumers. In the 100 billion-scale bathing industry chain, “quality bathing” has become a new vane in the home appliance industry and a weapon for market share.

In addition, Midea also published the "Quality Bathing Five-Star Standard", which is aimed at the technical difficulties of the industry and the pain points of consumers' use experience. It proposes beautiful ideas, beautiful programs, and beautiful ideas. It will re-standardize and standardize the main means of solving the pain points of users. Provide an example of first try.

Pan Zhihui, general manager of Jiumu Kitchen and E-Commerce Department, said that Jiumu Kitchen and the United States have maintained in-depth exchanges for a long time. The “Quality Bathing Five-Star Standard” proposed by Midea is very useful for reference. This invitation was jointly organized with Midea and Tmall. The "Bathing Cannot" Shuang Bath Festival will help create the opportunity for the deep cooperation between Nine Animal Husbandry and the United States and Tmall, and work together to improve the quality of Chinese people.

Big IP cross-border, deducting "Le bath culture"

In addition to the heavyweight industry guests, this "Bathing Cannot" Shuang Bath Festival also reflects the consistent and innovative spirit of the United States. In the overall arrangement of the Shuang Bath Festival, many more popular celebrities in the entertainment industry were invited to attend. The combination of “performance + imagination” combines more new ideas.

At this press conference, not only the "Golden Queen" Ma Weiwei of "Qi Yu said" was on the scene, but also joined hands with "Millions of anchors" Liu Yurui to sit down and join the Beijing Youth Choir to sing the original brainwashing song "You let me bathe Can not stop, for the entire cool bath node.

This "marriage" between the home appliance industry and the entertainment industry has given the cultural charm of innovative bathing appliances. The relevant person in charge of the United States said that Midea always believes that as consumers' life aesthetics and quality of life requirements continue to improve, improving the bathing experience and improving bathing quality is not only a material pursuit, but also a cultural trait. The pursuit of cultural culture, with the exchange of “Le bath culture”, promotes the resonance of users and product designers and manufacturers, and provides consumers with more and better high-quality bath products.

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